Finding a cheap shoe you may like is easy, but finding a quality shoe that you love, just the way you want it, is definitely hard. Enter Le Ruux. Le Ruux is a unique, luxury high end brand that customizes shoes made-to-order with a powerful 3D Software which allows anyone to create any type of custom shoe they want. Literally any possible style, with any material, in any color. From Oxfords, Double Monk, and Loafers to Derby, Chelsea and Brogues, every single part of the shoe is customizable.

The shoe created and customized on Le Ruux’s 3D software isn’t massed produced or factory constructed. Their shoes are all handmade with the finest Italian and Spanish leather, in Italy, Spain, and Cameroon depending on the style and materials needed. Because of this, the quality is honestly the highest I have ever seen in a shoe. You can see my photos below in a bit on what I created and the quality of the material and leather.

Lets get started:

Step 1: Choose Your Style

With a ton of options, it took me a solid 5 minutes to find the perfect one from me. On the left hand side (black tab) you have the option to pick the style from Men’s Dress, Mens Dress Golf (Fathers Day Gift?), or Patina Workshop. Since Patina Leather is one of the best leathers on the market, I decided to go with the Patina Workshop Full Brogue shoe.

Step 2: Choose Your Shape

I went with the Zurigo (round toe) shape simply because I absolutely refuse to wear square-toe shoes. Those are reserved for night club promoters or the mafia, which I am neither.

Step 3: Customize The Parts

As I mentioned above, every part is customizable. So for the Full Brogue, this includes customizing the: Wing Tip, Vamp, Tongue, Quarter, Back, Laces, Lining, Outsole, and Sole Bottom. Each piece can have its own material and it’s own color. On the black tab, you can see a few of the materials that can be customized for the Wing Tip which includes: Marble Patina, Painted Full Grain, Pebble Grain, Box Calf, Polished Calf, Painted Calf, Suede and more.


Once the material is selected, next up is picking your color. Different materials have different color options and patterns which is pretty neat because some of the materials, like suede, have leopard and cheetah prints.

Found My Materials And Color!

Final Product

After playing around for a solid 45 minutes mixing and matching, I created a shoe that I absolutely love and could wear on a number of occasions. For the Wing Tip, I went with the Polished Calf Leather in Medium Brown. For the Vamp I did Papiro Patina Leather in Brown which has an amazing plaid like pattern to it. The Tongue was Polished Calf Cognac. The Quarter was Polished Cald Leather Medium Brown to match the Wing Tip. The Back was Polished Calf Cognac to match the Tongue. The Laces were Burgundy color. The Lining was Black. The Outsole was Leather and Black. And finally, the Sole Bottom is Leather Sole in Cognac.

What A Beauty

Crazy Example

This is just an example on how crazy of a shoe you can make with a wild imagination! (would anyone actually wear these? lol)

The Result

With a $345+ price tag, the shoes are by no means cheap. However, I’ve run through a countless number of $100 shoes that were 1/5 the quality of my Le Ruux shoes. These Le Ruux’s will will no doubt last me 5+ years and not just through one season of NYC like I have with other brands.

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-Thank You Chris -

I hope you enjoyed my post and let me know in the comments what you think! Although this post was sponsored by Le Ruux, all the opinions and writing expressed are of my own!

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