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It is essential that you question yourself thus as often as you can, because who you are is not always what others see when they look at you.

At Le Ruux our belief is that every man is different and unique in their own way. Everyone has their own imagination that breeds creativity, and a sense of self. The imagination / personal style is what every individual should use to express themselves. Men's fashion has evolved through out the decades but what has remained fairly consistent and limited is choice of colors in the variety of styles, of shoes and clothing that man are "allowed" to wear. However, why be limited when your imagination is not? Read More

I Customized My Dream Shoe On Le Ruux

Finding a cheap shoe you may like is easy, but finding a quality shoe that you love, just the way you want it, is definitely hard. Enter Le Ruux. Le Ruux is a unique, luxury high end brand that customizes shoes made-to-order with a powerful 3D Software which allows anyone to create any type of custom shoe they want. Literally any possible style, with any material, in any color. From Oxfords, Double Monk, and Loafers to Derby, Chelsea and Brogues, every single part of the shoe is customizable.

The shoe created and customized on Le Ruux’s 3D software isn’t massed produced or factory constructed. Their shoes are all handmade with the finest Italian and Spanish leather, in Italy, Spain, and Cameroon depending on the style and materials needed. Because of this, the quality is honestly the highest I have ever seen in a shoe. You can see my photos below in a bit on what I created and the quality of the material and leather.

Lets get started:

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What’s better than owning an amazing pair of shoes? An amazing pair of shoes that no one in the world has.

Now way more accessible and affordable than ever before.

You’ve heard of custom suits and shirts. But have you heard of a custom shoe? No, these aren’t the ones you get at from your podiatrist, but custom made shoes that you might only see on the runway. Read more


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