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Our Goal

Our goal is to usher MANkind into a new era of men's fashon.

- Le Ruux


It is essential that you question yourself thus as often as you can, because who you are is not always what others see when they look at you. Read More


What’s better than owning an amazing pair of shoes? An amazing pair of shoes that no one in the world has.

Now way more accessible and affordable than ever before. Read more

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I Customized My Dream Shoe On Le Ruux

Finding a cheap shoe you may like is easy, but finding a quality shoe that you love, just the way you want it, is definitely hard. Enter Le Ruux. Le Ruux is a unique, luxury high end brand that customizes shoes made-to-order with a powerful 3D Software which allows anyone to create any type of custom shoe they want. Literally any possible style, with any material, in any color. From Oxfords, Double Monk, and Loafers to Derby, Chelsea and Brogues, every single part of the shoe is customizable. Read more

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