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- The Red Dragon -

Handcrafted to perfection by our highly experienced and time tested Spanish craftsmen, using the finest leathers, handpicked from various tanneries all around Europe.

Labored on tirelessly for hours to ensure beauty, unique personality, and long-lasting quality, that only gets more elegant as it ages.

The Dragon is the epitome of Seamless Seduction and Style; sure to draw it's master just the right kind of attention.

Become one of the select few to own a pair of the exclusive DRAGON.

nothing exactly the same will ever be crafted by Le Ruux;
nothing even similar will be crafted for the next five years.

Backed by popular demand:

Only 25 pairs of the DRAGON will be CRAFTED and SOLD by Le Ruux, for the next FIVE YEARS.

Crafting will only begin once we receive the first 10 orders.


First 10 orders - $ 999
Second 10 orders - $ 1,999
Last 5 orders - $ 3,999
- Invest in the most Exclusive pieces of ARTWORK -
Brought to you by Le Ruux

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