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You’ve been waiting and now the wait is over
Le Ruux has finally come out with custom accessories to go with the custom shoes. Just like our shoes, we plan to have our unique custom-made accessories be a big hit. Same as the shoes work, customers will be able to customize each part of the bag and have it made in Spain.
Customized bags have joined the Le Ruux collection. Just like our shoes, you can pick any type of bag to create a custom bag exactly the way they want it. If you work in business, you may now get a special briefcase. Plain black and brown brief cases are boring and everyone has them, instead you can add some color and/or style to your briefcase to spice up your look to be the talk of the office. If a backpack is more of your thing, we have that for you too. You won’t look like a kid when carrying a backpack because Le Ruux offers backpacks with a mature and stylish look to make you look professional and classy.
Briefcases aren’t the only bags of course, we also have a variety of totes. There are travel totes to make traveling easy, sports totes for workout time, or even if you just feel like being sporty. If you don’t want to be too fancy, then you could always carry around a casual tote that really comes in handy if you’re someone who always feels like they are carrying too much stuff.
Traveling wasn’t stylish until we came up with our unique duffle bags. I bet you never knew you could catch everyone’s attention when getting on a plane, but you can now. Even medical professionals are going to get people turning heads with a Le Ruux doctor bag. No matter what the profession, Le Ruux has you covered.
Bags aren’t our only accessory, we will also have phone cases, iPad cases, and laptop cases to help make your electronic devices look and unique and fashionable just like you. There will also be document holders and satchels that will come in handy for work, especially if you deal with a lot of papers in the workplace but also wants to show everyone that you know fashion. We want you to be able to look stylish while doing anything in your day-to-day life which is why cigars cases are also offered and handmade just the way you want them.
Le Ruux custom made belts are going to look great with your Le Ruux custom made shoes. Having a matching or unique belt can go a long way and be the finishing touch to that trendy outfit that you were going for to get everyone’s attention.
All of these products are made out of some of the most amazing calf leathers in the world. We have a variety of colors, and each product can be customized in any way you would like. Hand painted leather makes these accessories some of the best in the world and will make you the center of attention when you carry around the Le Ruux accessory.
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