How do I make it mine?

Who are you when no one is watching?

Who am I with no one peeping me?

What would I say when no one is listening?

is anyone listening

who am I 

when I don’t crave your attention 

what visions would I see 

am I really me?

Or am I who you want me to be 

but how can I be me

with all these eyes watching me

wanting me, 

desiring me to be

what they want me to be

How am I free to be who I want to be, 

if you keep asking me 

to be him || to be her 

how do I know the voices in my head are actually mine

something that is truly one of a kind. 

sometimes I wish I could leave my mind behind, 

but then I will be open from behind. 

Bottom line, I need my mind || so how do I make it mine?

how do I master me if I do not know what me is. 

and they say I live in the land of the free? really? me? free? Ha ha 

so what’s it going to be; 

Anarchy? Harmony? For all eternity me... we.... free....

what’s it gonna be young gods?

what’s it gonna be?

to be free for all eternity 

what’s it going to be?

I make plans knowing they may not go exactly, according to plan however, plans are great

they give the mind direction || zeal for action 

how do you tame the mind || without turning it off

how did I make it mine... you wonder...

put it to work, feed it purpose 

feed it a || why

that matters to the heart 

for the mind is an excellent slave but a terrible master

I assure you the heart is it’s only master 

listen to her

listen to your heart 

then you can mine, your mind, for all it’s treasures