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The Dandy in the Bronx Connection


I wasn’t sure what to expect. I did pick leopard print, but would I get it?

I was pleasantly surprised. The leather feels good and looks like it will age well if taken care of. Le Ruux shoes are handmade with the finest Italian and Spanish leather, in Italy, Spain, and Cameroon depending on the style and materials needed. The leopard print is made out of velvet, and I must admit, very fun to touch. Going to have to learn how to clean that just in case! Also, the punch cap on toe also looked great. The details are amazing.

I wear a size 9.5 and the shoes fit very well. Obviously with time, I’ll know if causes any blisters, but after this initial photoshoot, they were a treat to wear. Make sure to put these in a shoe tree to keep them in mint condition for a long time.

Check out Le Ruux and let me know what you make! I’ll be covering more custom shoes soon. Do you think you’ll be making your own shoes?




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