“All men are equal, but do not mistake this to mean all men are the same.”

— Le Ruux

Who are you?
It is essential that you question yourself thus as often as you can, because who you are is not always what others see when they look at you.
At Le Ruux our belief is that every man is different and unique in their own way. Everyone has their own imagination that generates creativity, and a sense of self. The imagination / personal style is what every individual should use to express themselves. Men's fashion has evolved throughout the decades but what has remained fairly consistent and limited is choice of colors in the variety of styles, of shoes and clothing that man are "allowed" to wear. However, why be limited when your imagination is not?
Fashion is the ultimate art-form and pinnacle of self-expression. It is a the combination of movement, visual arts, and architecture. Fashion enables us to tell the world who we are or at least who we would like to be in an instant, without a uttering a word. It allows us to set our imaginations free and at Le Ruux we are honored to be part of this process of self expression.
We are introducing the first customization luxury fashion house for men. With the Le Ruux platform, you - our valued clients are now able to create and customize your own fashion designs in an easy to use 3D interactive platform.
“Le Ruux” translates to “The People”. Therefore, we are a fashion house for the people and soon to be by the people. Our customers are king because they get a wide variety of fresh and rare shoe designs that they cannot find anywhere else, and now can create their own unique designs with the ease of pressing a button.
You may have noticed, there was not mention of quality above. That is because, it should go without saying that our shoes are all individually Handcrafted and Made to Order and measure, so our always fit you perfectly.
At Le Ruux we believe in individuality and showcasing of your inner self in its truest form, through the medium of fashion.
Dress boldly, Dress proudly, and Never compromise on Style.
Welcome to Le Ruux