Le Ruux means "the people", more precisely it means "the spirit or soul of the people. It is in this spirit of the people that we have created our purpose and our vision for the future. 

Self Expression and a connection to the Divine are the pinnacles of the Human Experience which make these two the deepest longings of the Human Spirit; this is something we all share and have in common. 

We all desire the freedom to be the best and most authentic versions of ourselves, to feel accepted for who we are and who we aspire to be; this is the key to liberating the spirit of the people.

At Le Ruux we understand this great longing, this overwhelming desire to be free and seen, which is why we have made it our goal to free the spirit of the people. The first step towards achieving this goal is FASHION. You see Fashion has within it the power to literate the you human spirit, HOW? you may ask, well what you wear has the power to, in an instant communicates to the world who you are (at the the moment), who you aspire to be and more importantly how you would like to be treated or how you should be treat. With this power in your hands you can truly express who you are with confidence and grace. 

At Le Ruux Fashion, we will provide you with the tools, you need to fully express who you are, not who we want you to be, not who society expects or demands you to be, but Who you want to be, which is who you are. 

It takes a certain kind of mind to appreciate, celebrate and recognize the Unique and the Bizarre. Le Ruux Welcomes you 

Enjoy Unique Handcrafted Customizable Fashions that are sure to empower you physicals and if you let it emotionally and Spiritually. We see the Divine that duels within you, now let the world see what we see. 

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