What is the need to take care of shoes?


Gentlemen are elegant to the core and emanate to others an appearance that is sharp. To be sharp every part of your outfit should be perfect, including your shoes! Think of a time when you recently saw a well-kept pair of shoes on someone compared to a worn out pair.

Your perception of that individual may have been different if they simply took care of their shoes. That perception others have of you and more importantly how you feel in those shoes is why shoe care is important.

Care enough to tackle rejuvenating the leather on those shoes you used to love? Go ahead and follow the steps below and you’ll feel same way about the shoes you the day you bought them!

First we’ll need a few things:

  1. Bristle Brush
  2. 100% Cotton Cloth
  3. Wax
  4. Shoe Cream (desired color)
  5. Water (a glass is fine)
  6. Clean Environment
  7. Time

Step 1: Make sure shoes are dry at room temperature

It is never a good idea to begin any type of shoe care when shoes are wet. When you begin to brush the shoes off you leave room for more dirt and grit getting on the shoes and ruining the leather. Make sure its dry.

Step 2: Use a shoetree to keep your shoes like Day 1

This will help in prevent damage to the leather, stitching and fabric from moisture. It also helps keep that terrible odor away

Step 3: Use a bristle brush to clean the shoe

Brush your shoe with firm strokes going back and forth- this allows us to get off any dirt and grit prior to applying any cream and wax.

Step 4: Hydrate the leather using Shoe Conditioner and 100% Cotton Cloth

Hydrating the shoes is important because like our own skin, leather is a skin that needs to breathe and in order to remain fresh conditioner needs to be applied to help with absorption of creams and waxes.

NOTE: Wait 15-20 minutes to allow conditioner to settle in after applying.

Step 5: Take a cloth and apply desired color shoe cream

Swiftly in small circles apply cream thoroughly around all of shoe then brush shoe with horsehair brush. Apply to areas where leathers become most stressed.

NOTE: Wait 20 minutes to allow cream to settle

Step 6: Take Cotton Cloth and apply wax

Apply wax using very small portions and working thoroughly around all of the shoes. Do this in small amounts to have an even distribution of wax around shoe and because wax hardens eventually and using too much can cause the wax to break away in those areas where shoe flexes more.

NOTE: Wait 15-20 minutes to allow drying

Step 7: Repeat Step 6- This time using wax and small droplet of water.

Take small droplet of water and place on shoe area and begin applying wax in circular motion.

Final Step

Take a hard bristle brush again and begin removing additional residue that leather does not require.

Now enjoy gaze at your reflection on you perfectly spine shoe.

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